A child who is three years or above is eligible to enroll in Preparatory. Prior experience of attending Pre-school is not necessary.

Behaviour Traits:

A three year old is centered on themselves. They are yet to realize that there are others around them just like themselves. They do not play in groups and usually play independently. They have insufficient muscular control especially over finger movements. They like to watch and follow. They are curious and eager to learn but with limited speed and tire easily. They love repetitions.

Teaching Process:

  • Activities and games organized for Preparatory students are short, simple and involve the use of hands and fingers so that child learns muscular control.
  • Puzzles, stories with pictures are introduced with objects that are familiar to the child.
  • Rhymes are taught with music, rhythm and action.
  • Identification of English Alphabets and numbers are done using sand paper, finger tracing and coloring. Color tablets matching games are played to teach identification of colors.
  • Real life objects like fruits and vegetables are used to help them in identification.
  • Various activities like identification of, scribbling, painting, finger tracing activities, pattern making are introduced at this stage.
  • Outdoor games like ball catching and throwing, walking on a balancing beam, rope climbing, running, jumping etc are played for gross motor skill development.
  • Various life skills like folding mats/ handkerchiefs/clothes, watering a plant, opening and closing of the tiffin box, using a spoon and folk, saying the three golden words- “Please, Sorry and Thank-you ” etc are taught to help develop social skills.
  • Special conversation sessions in English are conducted on daily life experiences like – “my favorite food” , “my family” “What I Like to play” etc to help them learn to converse in English.
  • Along with learning social skills a lot of importance is placed on value based education- like respecting elders, helpers, taking care of the environment, not wasting things, being kind to the needy and animals etc so that they grow into responsible global citizens.