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Age Group

Play Group

2 years & above


3 years & above


4 years & above


5 years & above

Learning Process:

  • Learning Kit will be sent in the address specified.
  • Weekly Lesson Plan will be mailed.
  • Thrice a week the teacher will interact with the child individually.
  • Online interaction with parents once every fortnight.
  • Fine Motor Skill Activity instructional video every month.
  • Rhymes Videos for practice.
  • Instructional videos for parents for concept teaching.

Assessment Process:

  • Activity sheets will be sent via email to parents.
  • Monthly assessment will be done by Kid Veda online once a month on the last Saturday.
  • Certificate on Course Completion will be mailed to parents after completion of one year’s program.

Admission Process:

  • Online counseling session on request before admission. Whatsapp 94351-07307 to fix online counseling session.
  • Direct online admission.


  • Admission with Kit- Rs. 5,000
  • Monthly Fees- Rs. 1,000 per month

* For online payment Convenience Fee is Applicable.

Option of Integration with the nearest Kid Veda Centre:

Parents can avail the option of choosing offline option of pre-schooling for their child from over 50 Kid Veda Centers in the North East anytime of the year. The process is as follows-                  

  • For offline option parents will have to choose from the available list of Kid Veda Centres.
  • Transfer fees – Rs. 5,000
  • Addition study kit without any extra charge
  • Monthly fees as per the Centre norms from the month the child starts offline class.
  • Uniform and bag prices will be charged extra.
  • Phone Number : 94351-07307/ 98640-10845

Admission Form:

    Online Class activities