The Kid Veda Curriculum is dynamic and always reviewed, upgraded and enriched. The objective of the review is always to make the learning process more interesting and effective. This is done after lot of idea sharing, brainstorming and research work. The Curriculum is based on the “Theory of Multiple intelligence”  by Howard Garner.

The curriculum is based on providing opportunities to nurture and explore the 8 types of intelligences:

  • LINGUISTIC (dealing with alphabets, writing and speaking)
  • LOGICAL (analytical reasoning, numbers)
  • VISUAL INTERPRETATION (art activities , drawing and coloring)
  • NATURALIST (emotional and environmental needs)
  • KINESTHTIC ( a lot of physical activities and outdoor games)
  • INTRAPERSONAL (general awareness)
  • INTERPERSONAL (interacting with each other)
  • MUSICAL (singing, rhymes)