A child who is five years or above is eligible for admission in Kindergarten (KG). Direct admission in KG without having attended at least one year of Pre-school/homeschooling is not possible.

Behaviour Traits:

A child who is of five is quite independent. They have good muscle control and are capable of many exercises. They are self-reliant, enjoy playing with others, can listen to and follow instructions. They enjoy being given responsibilities and playing leader. At this stage, their fine muscle control is much better and they can write basic alphabets and colour well.

Teaching Process:

  • A child at this stage is ready to read and write. Activities and lessons are designed to prepare a child to enter Primary School. Language games where children have to express themselves, memory games which require them to remember certain rules in words and listen and follow instructions are done to help the child’s language development.  Team and group activities which require cooperation and sometimes competition is included to teach numbers and rhymes too.
  • Written work activities are included at this stage with colourful and easy to follow worksheets. Children are also coached to appear in interviews for primary schools in a more focused manner at this stage though the training starts right from playgroup.