Space requirements:

  • Space Requirement: Minimum 2000- 2500 sq. ft. (approx.) on the ground floor
  • Room requirement: Minimum 4 with office room and play area. The classroom sizes should ideally be approx. 300sq ft for 15-20 students.

Specification for selecting a location to start a Kid Veda Centre:

  • Areas which are away from noise sources such as busy market area major, highways, street intersections, railroad lines or airports.
  • Ideally the location should be on the ground floors of buildings which may sometimes be extended to the first floor. In all situations, grills and safety gates should be there.
  • There should be proper ventilation and light within and around the site.
  • The premises should be enclosed by walls/fence.
  • The location should have easy access to essential amenities, local transportation, medical help and other emergency services.
  • While selecting a location it is ensured that the surrounding is hygienic with no garbage bins / open drains / water loggings / water seepage during rains.

Investment requirements:

  • Initial Investment including licence fee: Approx. Rs. Five Lakhs (Excluding the Real Estate Cost).
  • No Franchise fee no royalty, no hidden cost.
  • Individual Kit provided to each child at the time of admission

Manpower requirements:

  • Initially One Coordinator, four teachers and two ayahs which may be increased as the students increase.