All Kid Veda Teachers are selected based on a written test and mock class. All teachers are screened before final selection. After selection, all Teachers undergo training in the H.O in Guwahati where they are guided on how to implement the Kid Veda Curriculum.

Separate Lesson Plan and Written work Guidelines are provided to the teachers in each school to ensure uniformity in the delivery of the curriculum. Regular Academic Audits are conducted in all schools to inspect and provide feedback to the teachers and Centre Directors on the implementation of the Curriculum. Teachers who have put in exemplary efforts are awarded the “Best Teachers Award”.

Besides the compulsory training of Curriculum Implementation special training are organized for the teachers on various topics like

  • Art and Craft Training
  • Phonetics Training
  • Summer Camp training
  • Rhymes Training
  • Play activity and play equipment making training
  • Training in Child Psychology