A child who is four years or above is eligible to enroll in Nursery. Direct admission in Nursery without having attended at least one year of Pre-school/homeschooling is not possible.

Behaviour Traits:

Children of this age group have better control over their bodies and can use their hands constructively. They have wider vocabulary and can express their ideas better. They enjoy group activities and are and more disciplined and wait for their turns. They love exploring and engaging in new activities and are vigorous and bursting with energy.

Teaching Process:

  • At this stage teaching is done through lot group activities and non-competing games. Children are more disciplined and learn to wait for their turns in this age group, so activities, where they wait for their turn, are introduced where they learn about good social behavior too.
  • Language, Arithmetic and Rhymes are introduced. They have better fine muscle control and can hold a more crayon/pencil steadily. Alphabet and number formation is taught through shapes and pattern tracing.
  • Rhymes with related activities are taught with rhythm and movement.
  • Every day observations of daily life about things that a child observes in school, home, public places like markets, hospital, parks, places of worship, names of different kinds of food we eat, places we visit, games we play, things we use are introduced as General Awareness. Attempts are made to bring live objects or models of the things or taking children for visits to the places to introduce them to the topics.
  • Along with learning social skills a lot of importance is placed on value based education- like respecting elders, helpers, taking care of the environment, not wasting things, being kind to the needy and animals etc so that grow into responsible global citizens.