A child who is two years and above is eligible to enroll in Play Group.

Behaviour Traits:

By two years a child starts moving and experimenting with all kinds of gross movements with both legs and hands. During this period they grow in physical independence in a major way. Tremendous progress is witnessed in the child’s ability to communication and a huge jump in vocabulary and its usage. In personal-social domain too a child moves from a comparative passive “receiving role” to an active assertive interaction pattern. A child’s curiosity leads to development of his/her understanding of all that is, and that happens around.

Teaching Process:

  • The Kid Veda curriculum in Play Group is designed to first make the children comfortable with the new school environment.
  • Since it is the first time a child  starts attending play school, lot of time is given to the child to adjust with the teachers, caregivers and other children and also the general school envirornment. During the initial few days a parents is also allowed to be present in the school and the child is allowed to meet the parent if they want.
  • Lot of games like sand play, water play and various teaching learning aids like hammer and peg, blocks, beads and strings, play dough etc are introduced to help develop fine motor skills.
  • Puzzles, stories with pictures are introduced with objects that are familiar to the child.
  • Rhymes are taught with music, rhythm and action.
  • Various out door games like throwing a catching a ball, walking backwards, walking on a balancing beam, running, rope climbing etc are played to help in the development of gross motor skills.
  • As the child adjusts indoor activities like identification of color, scribbling, painting, finger tracing activities are introduced.