“Vasudevam Kutumbakam”- the whole world is my family. This is an ancient Indian thought which Kid Veda feels its young learners should grow up knowing and accepting. We aim to inculcate these ancient wisdoms and values of our great nation which will help them become socially conscious citizens.

Every year events are organized where children are provided scopes for interacting with members of the society who are less privileged. Celebrating Bihu with members of Old Age Home like “Amar Ghar” and “Mother’s Old Age Home” by performing and gifting hand-made craft items or joint celebrations of “Bohagi Utsav” with community children who are school dropouts from “Child Friendly Guwahati ” or gifting plants which have been grown from seeds by the children to their school neighbors are ways by which we help learn and interact with the world around them.

Special events like “Grand Parent’s Story Telling day” are organized once a month to involve Grand Parents too in the learning process. This is also to make the students realize that the concept of family in India is not restricted to the concept on merely the nuclear family but is much broader.