Providing a safe and secure learning environment is of prime importance in each Kid Veda centre. Special safety norms specified by the Ministry of Women and Child development for ECCD centres are taken into consideration while designing each centre.

Safety norms followed while selecting a Kid Veda location:

  • The Kid Veda Pre-Schools are mostly located in residential areas which are away from noise sources such as busy market area major, highways, street intersections, railroad lines or airports.
  • The Kid Veda Pre-Schools are mostly located on the ground floors of buildings which may sometimes be extended to the first floor. In all situations, grills and safety gates are installed.
  • There is proper ventilation and light within and around the site.
  • The premises are enclosed by walls/fence.
  • Most Kid Veda centres have easy access to essential amenities, local transportation, medical help and other emergency services.
  • While selecting a location it is ensured that the surrounding is hygienic with no garbage bins / open drains/water logging/water seepage during rains.

Safety norms followed while designing class rooms:

  • . The classroom sizes are usually 300sq ft for 15-20 students.
  • Safety and hygiene are of paramount importance in all rooms. The environment is planned to attract and motivate children. Furniture is used to define/ create areas. The rooms are designed so as to meet all their needs. The classrooms have barrier-free furniture. No furniture in the school has sharp edges.
  • The classrooms have a variety of spaces to facilitate children’s learning.
  • The room arrangement allows flexibility so that it can be effectively used for a variety of purposes. It is designed to support and promote the child-initiated and child-directed play.

Safety norms followed while designing Play Area:

The play area is designed to provide children with opportunities to explore and practice their intelligence. Large spaces are broken up into smaller areas by using furniture so that it offers different types of activities such as sand play/ water play/ painting/ imaginative play/ library area. The play area has non-toxic play equipment without and sharp edges. Play is always under the supervision.

Other Safety norms adhered to Kid Veda Playschool:

  • The entire schools are under CCTV surveillance.
  • Adequate fire safety measures are implemented.
  • No individual without proper documents and investigation is allowed to interact with the children.
  • Only parents and persons assigned by parents at the time of admission and In possession of valid  ID Proof is allowed to bring and take back the children from school for which written record is also maintained.
  • Regular evacuation drills by the disaster management team is done in the school to prepare for emergencies.
  • The emergency Contact number of Police, Fire Department, Hospital and ambulance service is maintained in the school.